Friday, October 22, 2010

Home Made Energy Guide

By Dillon Wayne
Home Made Energy is a guide that will teach how to make solar panels and wind turbines for under 200$! I researched this product quite a bit, and a high percentage of people are fully satisfied. With the recession and the growing energy costs this could come in handy. If you are like most people in America paying outrageous prices for energy, or just want to help the environment, this a something to buy.

I'm one of those people who wants to help the environment and all that jazz, but I can't afford to buy all of the expensive solar panels and other energy helping devices. I was looking for "green" things i could get instead of the less "green" items that do the same thing when I ran into this. I read through the sales page then searched for some user opinions. As I said above, a high percentages (not sure of exact numbers, 80-95%) of the people who have bought this don't regret it one bit and are saving tons of money. These weren't the responses you see in ads, I actually sent messages to a few of the people. On top of that I spent most of my free time since i was 10 on the internet so I've learned to recognize fakes.

This guide is really easy to understand. I read it was written so a 10 year old would be able to understand. All of the materials you need you can buy at a local hardware store for 200$ (total). Once again, this product would be a great buy and will save you plenty of money of energy.


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