Friday, October 22, 2010

Worried About Hyper Inflation? Maybe You Should Think on It

By Lance Winslow
The United States has been busy printing money and we've been selling Treasury Notes, luckily we are borrowing at a low interest rate, but we are also putting ourselves in debt and printing money and forcing it into the economy at a rate never before seen. The Stimulus of 787 Billion Dollars and some $2 Trillion for financial bailouts; all this money flow will cause an inflation challenge in the future. So, let me recommend a very good book to you:

The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath - How Reagan and Volcker Tamed Economic Policy - and Why Obama Should Listen" by Robert J. Samuelson; Random House, New York, NY (2008).
It is also available to be loaded onto your Kindle "The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath: The Past and Future of American Affluence" for the low cost of $14.00
This book reminds us of the problems with high-inflation during 1960 to 1982. Most younger folks have no clue why this is. Things were pretty bad in the 1970s and stagflation was even worse, in fact things were so bad that President Jimmy Carter lost the election.
Samuelson, a columnist for Newsweek and the Washington Post reminds us also that inflation is not so much only an economic problem, as it destroys confidence making it more social and political that one might think. One interesting quote was one by Lenin, who stated that the best way to destroy a democracy is to debase its currency. Indeed, think on that for a minute.
I'd recommend this book to anyone who is wondering if the current direction of our nation's leadership and economy is a wise choice. Consider all this.


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