Friday, October 22, 2010

Is Ron Mueller the Next Matthew Lesko?

By Derrick Carpenter
His name may sound kind of familiar, but His wardrobe gives him away every time - his trademark "question mark suit;" you know the one covered with neon question marks, his mismatched bright socks, wild bow ties and a seemingly inexhaustible collection of eyeglasses in every color of the rainbow.

Matthew Lesko Is the best-selling author and infomercial host, who has published over 70 books showing everyday people how to get free services and products from the federal government. He has had two New York Times best-sellers and two national best sellers, Getting Yours and Information USA.

Twenty years ago, Matthew Lesko was working out of his bedroom with one phone line helping Fortune 500 companies get information on commodities. One day he had an idea: why not publish the names and numbers of federal programs that offer free and low cost services and money programs for taxpayers.

Ron Mueller is doing for the home-based entrepreneur, with the 5th edition of his #1 New York Times best selling book, "Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy!," (formerly titled, "It's How Much You KEEP that counts, not how much you make!") what Matthew Lesko has done for the public with his grant information; which is to take the laws written by congress and the IRS and place them in one easy to find, easy to read reference guide.

Ron Mueller uses everyday language to convey his simple message, as a w-2 employee, without a home-based business, you are overpaying your taxes week after week, month after month, year after year. Every American should willingly pay our taxes we just don't need to over pay them.

So are all those tax breaks, so frequently touted by & to would-be entrepreneurs, for real or what? Unequivocally YES! They are most assuredly for real, they're NOT "loopholes," "tax dodges," or "tax avoidance schemes." They're honest, ethical, legal tax breaks, which are Authorized by Congress, Published in the IRS Code, and Approved by the Federal Tax Court.

One of the common misconceptions many home-based entrepreneurs share however is that their accountant or tax-preparer has received specialized training in home business tax laws.

According to Dr. Mueller, that be couldn't further from the truth, "An understanding of home-based business tax law is not taught in most accounting schools, and isn't even tested on the CPA exam! So, simply finding a person with CPA after their name is no indication whether they do, or don't, know ANYTHING about home-based business tax law. In most cases they will only know if self-taught."

"If I need surgery I would seek out a specialist. I now know that I need to do the same thing for tax preparation. The right surgeon can save my life. The right tax advisor can save my financial life."

How important is this guide to the average American? Quite simply stated by best-selling author and entrepreneur, Robert Allen, in the introduction to, "Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy," "everyone with a home-based business needs this book. Anyone without a home-based business needs it even more."

Dr. Mueller spent 12 months researching every tax code, congressional law or federal court ruling that pertains to home-based businesses and then another 6 months translating all of that into plain English.


Because everyone thinks they pay too much in taxes, but most people are unwilling to do anything about. This book removes the, "I didn't know" excuse from our vocab.

If you're a Network Marketing Professional who's not using the information contained in the pages of "Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy," to explain to your potential business partners the exact nature of their tax advantages - you're working way too hard.

Let's get real - What's the #1 reason most people are looking to join your business in the first place? Correct, they need more money - usually right away! Not now - RIGHT Now.

Imagine being able to flip to page 169 & showing your prospective partner how they can change the number of allowances on their w-4 and increase their take home pay as soon as their next pay period. If you believe that this would be invaluable to your business then you need to own this book.

But, don't make the mistake of thinking this book is solely for Network Marketers. If you own & operate, or are looking to own & operate any type of business, full or part-time, from your home, this book belongs in your reference library as well!


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